Cyclicity IV, V, Review and September 2015 Update Email

Hi All, I hope you are well!

I wanted to briefly summarise the last six months before mentioning the new Cyclicity IV and V season coming during the second half of this year.

What an exceptional first half of the year! It was such an enormous pleasure and honour to host Cyclicity I, II and III from January to July this year and I'd like to thank everyone who came to practice. From newcomers to veteran practitioners I know everyone was able to take away something useful - there is no doubt that we have engendered silence, increased awareness and benefited each other!

Our mass, as a group in Melbourne, continues to grow and with that a clarity and strength of intent and practice! Jase has commented on the profundity of silence from the Revolving Moon Form from Cyc II and myself and Georgia have had some excellent recapitulation sessions. Great thanks guys!

It was excellent to welcome 5 newcomers throughout the year and without question - those who have read Carlos before - are moved the instant they meet with co-practitioners, this is Renees, Nyeis, Carol's, Carlos's and Don Juans intent!

For those outside of Melbourne - in Queensland, Sydney, NT, WA, Tas etc, the option for connecting via VC (video conference) is available (at 2pm on Sundays AEST). Additionally I know Hedda is currently completing Facilitator Level 2 and she is doing what she can to assist australian tensegrity practice and practitioners.


Practice continues at 2pm every Sunday ( During September and October we will be completing Cyclicity 4 but outside of the formal classes the space will be dedicated at 2pm on Sundays every week to group practice - passes, sharing, recapitulation and tracking.

I will now add music starting from Cyc IV as it is a standard part of class presentation. Typically music is added toward the end of session during the pass execution when we are beginning to find depth and the pass is well known.

 - Cyclicity 4 - Silence : September 20th, 27th, October 4th and 11th 2015 ( 4 weeks )
(18th October rest week - no class)
 - Cyclicity 4 - Silence (repeat) : 25th October, 1st November, (8th November - no class), 15th, 22nd 
 - Cyclicity 5 - December / January TBA

For a complete schedule please go to

Tensegrity is an opportunity to develop peace-of-mind, a good heart, silence and stability. Newcomers are welcome and in these classes we learn to train our awareness and to use movement to develop energy and to increase wellbeing. We learn the basics of tracking behavioural patterns and engage in the practices of the 3 masteries: 1. Mastery of Awareness and Lucid Dreaming, 2. Mastery of Intent and 3. Mastery of Behaviour

Extant in the world at this time, the manifest intent of the sorcerer's of Ancient Mexico present a unique and extremely rare opportunity for personal development. The practices of 'the warriors path', 'a person of knowledge' and 'the definitive journey' are unmistakable, unbreakable and completely available. It was not always the case that Tensegrity practices were openly shared, Tensegrity communities thus represent a rare and openly accessible opportunity for anyone who seeks an expansion of awareness supported by genuine friends!

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Tensegrity Melbourne is not-for-profit and pricing for classes is only designed to cover costs relating to class administration and time.

The only possible course that a tensegrity practitioner has is to act consistently and without reservations. At a certain point he knows enough of the (tensegrity) way to act accordingly but old habits and routines may (still) stand in the way. 

Yours in practice,

John Sumich
Tensegrity Melbourne