Australian Tour - Practice when Scouting Locations

The Australian Tour by Cleargreen is planned for 2020 or 2021 ostensibly. (This is a working date only)

Reni (Renata Murez) - or the appointed instructor - will lead the Tour and scouting locations is a way of assisting both the energetic and practical design of the Tour and providing an appropriate basis for key concerns.

Tour Objectives
Let's quickly understand the general Objectives of the Tour:

  1. To provide Tensegrity students and practitioners with a focused or polarising experience for their practice, in line with enhancing, understanding and moving ones awareness
  2. To satisfy most practitioners or the "greater middle of practitioners"
  3. To establish a greater connectedness between the Australian Diaspora - people land and knowledge - and non-Australians
  4. To establish a union of the Intent and Energy of Tensegrity with an Australian flavour.
These objectives are subject to change and are used merely as a guide (they are not the direct instruction of Cleargreen) but provide a reasonable basis for what we need so we can assist the Tour organisation

Scouting Practice

When scouting locations we should reasonably rely on our own practice (as we have understood it), general instruction through Cleargreen and the above Objectives. Scouting Practice is thus broken up into the following 4 areas:

  1. General Practice
  2. Knowledge & Connection
  3. Logistics
  4. Presenting Findings

1. General Practice
We could summarise this as "Movement, Silence and Dreaming". When we scout a location we should have minimally modest  semblance of focus around our practice.

  • With regard to Movement: How do different forms feel when practiced at the location? Are there naturally some forms that lend themselves to the elements present? eg the Wind Form on a plateau, Tree form in the rainforest? 
  • With regard to Dreaming: Do greater dreams (notionally non-ordinary dreams) present themselves while scouting - before during or after? Is there a quality unusual in your dreaming in the place?
  • With regard to Silence and Self Awareness (also dreaming awake): Is your awareness drawn to items not from your personal history? Is the opposite true? Tracking and Writing (Journaling) always helps.
2. Knowledge & Connection

There a reasonably high importance on making genuine connection with the People and Land. This connection should be one of mutual consideration similar to visiting a good friend. The points here can be summarised as: Relationships and Knowledge with Indigenous or Aboriginal People, Knowledge and Connection with Flora, Fauna and Environment and also Relationships and Knowledge with New Australians.

  • With regard to Aboriginal People: Are you or we able to form positive relationships and communication with Aboriginal people in the area? Is there information regarding interpersonal understanding that will mutually improve knowledge or relationships? Are offerings appropriate? Is an agreement or transaction possible so the tour could participate in Bush Medicine / Ceremonies or observe / etc and such like? It would naturally be best to be centered on practice while exchanging in this way when scouting.
  • With regard to Environment / Flora and Fauna. If at all possible the practice of "speaking with trees and environment" should be attempted (Wolf Connection workshop) . Do specific flora show anything to your awareness? Is there general knowledge about the Australian bush that can be generally shared that you with know of or can research in the place where you scout? Can you share specific experiences with either animals or plants or offer the Tour connectedness with the land and its environment (funny stories also welcome) Are you able to summarise and capture in images some of the feeling of the place you visit?
  • Further, if at all possible, to present a place of some power (or even common majesty) is desirable. It may not be obvious under all conditions that a particular place is powerful. Did you instantly enter into Silence in one location? Were you drawn strongly to items of your environment? If you slept in a particular place did it affect your dreaming? Is there common or secret information that can be shared with Reni about the power of a place?
  • Additionally, variety is necessary. Consider places of power, places of silence, places of dreaming, places of rest, places of elements (water, water falls, deserts, rainforests, forests, plateaus, highlands, lowlands, oceans, lakes, rivers, Rock Formations etc etc etc), trails, paths much travelled, paths never travelled etc.

It should be mentioned that, for many people, the above information in tonal or nagual forms will be the basis and hook of the tour. 

  • With regard to Relationships and Knowledge with new Australians, generally speaking the rules ideas apply as above. Many New Australians (last 200 years) and their lineages have already begun to form deep connections with the land and its identity or nature
3. Logistics
There can be no tour without actually organising the practicalities of transport, food and accommodation. In any scouted location one should consider a large workshop venue, group transportation, food and restaurants and accommodation:
  • With regard to a Large Workshop Venue, one should consider the cost, accessibility and appropriateness of a Large Workshop space. Is it close to most of the Tour destinations? Will it serve at the start or the end only? Can that work? Does it have close or good proximity to meals and transport and accommodation? What level of service with regard to the space is expected? (Sound/ Audio etc etc )
  • With regard to Accommodation: Can 100 to 200 people be accommodated? Is the / are the venues of reasonable or good quality? Do they have appropriate proximity to the Tour destinations and workshop venues? Are the food and restaurant facilities appropriate, Can they accommodate people at different times of the years? What are the costs and services?
  • With regard to Transport: Is there an operator who can provide reliable and quality bus services? Again with consideration for the time of the year? Is International and Domestic air travel in proximity or manageable proximity to the Tour locations?
  • With regard to food: Are adhoc food / vending machines / cafes / services available along and around the Tour locations? Are the restaurants and services of reasonable quality?
4. Presenting Findings

Presenting what's experienced and discovered in a reproducible form will allow others to corroborate and enhance the experience where possible. Additionally it provides Reni and potential instructors to use their own insight in reaching the best outcomes for the tour. 

When presenting findings one can articulate the experience in the following ways: 
- Magical Passes at various locations - the passes should be executed in sets of 3 or 4 at best. Allow time for the energy to speak.
- Ones awareness and experiences at various locations - stand out or experiences that reflect exceptional energy or power
- Majesty of a location
- Elemental and power locations
- Dreams while in proximity to particular locations
- The plantife and knowledge of plants - pictures, researched information
- The animals, experiences with them - pictures, researched information
- Aboriginal People and People in the area - relevant information, connections
- Possible Large Workshop venues
- Transportation options - International and local
- Food and Restaurants
- Accommodation

Some aspect of summary is appropriate including perhaps a comparative rating, a recommendation or an overall feeling or all.