Cyclicity IV - Silence - 3 types of Silence

Inner Silence is the peace de resistance (most remarkable practice) of Tensegrity. No real progress can be made without it. Alongside (the) Recapitulation, Magical Passes and Lucid Dreaming, Inner Silence is the lightning rod that allows perception to move without habituated conceptual cognition.

Its through inner silence that the world stops, the nagual (free un-sullied engagement) arises and the well-spring of real creativity begins.

As described in the script for Cyclicity IV - Silence given by Facilitators in Training worldwide, Silence can arise in 3 general ways:

1. As Cessation of Thought

2. As the Arising of the Observer

3. As Different (pure) Perception

I was asked to explain these a little further and I am able to convey some explanations around the 'state of silence':

The three types of Silence as three aspects of the same state

The three types or experiences of Silence do intermix with each other and you could think of them as the three points of the 'silence triangle', they are three aspects of the state of inner-silence

This is a good analogy because the three together really constitute the culmination of deep silence and reflect 'knowing and expanded awareness'

Looking at each one in more detail:

1. The Cessation of Thought

Cessation of Thought is the closest to 'stopping the world'. When we talk about cessation of thought we are talking about stopping the machine of habitual inner dialogue. Inner dialogue can be soft or heavy and takes energy (For example if we are constantly angry and in a state of rage we are literally exhausted very quickly). 

When we have the Cessation of Thought, its literally that (when we observe ourselves afterward). At this time awareness simply experiences without thoughts and words or the interpretive machinery of our normal awareness

There is no doubt it is 'free-ing' and there is no doubt that it is a lucidity of awareness. It's up to every individual practitioner to experience Inner Silence and to know its quality. Aspects of the Nagual are directly experienced when the Tonal rests in this way.

Regarding the Inner Dialogue

We are almost constantly engaged in it (inner dialogue) and through Tensegrity practices, generally, we soften the tax on our energy of the inner dialogue. Inner-Silence manifest as cessation of thought stops the world generated by habitual thought. 

2. Arising of the Observer

When the Observer arises, its main characteristic is that it is not engaged in the activities of what is seen. Again, this is the main characteristic and it cannot be fabricated / pretended. It is a clear experience. 

(Don't talk too much about it afterwards, just experience it! "Amazing the Observer!" write it in your tracking journal). 

You may be simply walking along after practice going to work perhaps(?) and you are able to 'know' without analysis or interpretation, and specifically, because you are not interpreting or analyzing (hence the aspect of silence) you are unengaged and you can simply 'know' without 'weighing', 'considering' or 'searching for a conclusion'. 

It is non-intellectual and it is clear awareness that experiences all normal events but without additional interpretations. You may be aware or see much and this will eventually draw you out of pure obseravtion into interpretation and at that time the Observer is no longer based on the Nagual or Silence, but on interpretation, analysis and the concerns of the Tonal and thus it is no longer Silence.

Like the Cessation of Thought, the Arising of the Observer has the aspects of feeling light and floating slightly (in retrospect). Awareness is increased but in a way that is difficult to explain. The body tends to feel balanced (yet unchanged) and because there is no inner dialogue, experiences come and go and are witnessed without mental commentary.

3. Different (Pure) Perception

A 'change of perception' represents an expanded awareness marked by awe, joy, deep inspiration (you may feel your being touching the Nagual) and could be described as radiant awareness. It is a definite shift of perception away from your 'habitual thinking' and you are not engaged in the usual mundane way of thinking. Awe, inspiration, lightness (again) and a shift of perception away from your habitual thought are the main characteristics of this aspect of Silence.

The persistent recapitulation is so important because it allows the energy body to reach this position in a sober way (and hence it is a true aspect of Silence)

The practices of Magical Passes, Recapitulation and Intent are the key benefactors of Silence. Inner-Silence could be likened to the true higher-self - the self that is not engaged in the mundane world (though we should take appropriate care of our mundane world :) ). 

I hope these explanations help us all progress along!

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